The experience and competence of the shipyard

Giving our guests the attention they deserve

Loano Marina and Loano Marina Yacht Club can offer all you need to spend a pleasant and serene time at our facilities.

Loano Marina and Loano Marina Yacht Club offer convenient services during your stay in Loano – from maintenance and cleaning services to a punctual weather reporting service, from refined on-board catering services to organizing exclusive events at the Yacht Club and at the Marina Yacht Club Restaurant & Lounge Bar.

Loano Marina Yacht Club represents the sporting soul of the Loano Marina. Inaugurated six years ago, it boasts a rich calendar of sporting events organised together with the Circolo Nautico Loano. To find out more, please click here (

Marina Yacht Club Restaurant & Lounge Bar on the second floor of the Yacht Club houses a restaurant with a specialized Ligurian chef, extending both inside and opening into a covered portico with a 400m2 teak-covered terrace. To find out more, click here (

Weather reporting is to be found on the noticeboards by the Loano Marina offices. Paper weather bulletins are posted on notice boards.


Cleaning services available: Exterior

  • Cleaning of vessel exteriors
  • Teak cleaning and treatment
  • Steel cleaning and polishing
  • Checking and washing of bilges and lockers

Cleaning services available: Interior

  • Sofa and cushion textiles
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Interior sanitisation
  • Disinfection of air conditioning ducting and systems with ozonisation treatments.

Extra services:

Laundry Washing Cube Shop – Loano Marina has a local laundry available for crews, in the La Corte building, with 7 to 13kg washing machines, driers and linen trolleys.

Parking – Loano Marina has a total of 889 car parking spaces, for private and public use.